Injury Prevention & Research Center

Lurie Children’s has a comprehensive Injury Prevention and Research Center (IPRC) that coordinates all hospital activities in both intentional and unintentional injuries. We address the leading causes of injury to Illinois children through behavioral risk reduction and the promotion of safe physical and social environments.

We believe children should be safe and strong. The IPRC strives to reduce preventable injuries in several ways. Learn more about our Injury Prevention and Research Center.

IPRC Programs

Community Linked Mental Health Services

This program is collaboration between Lurie Children’s Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Chicago Public Schools, and community, recreational and mental health agencies. It is designed to foster a safe learning environment, promote social and emotional health, and identify, assess and treat students exhibiting social, emotional, and behavioral or communication problems.

Child Health Data Lab

Lurie Children’s Child Health Data Lab (CHDL) conducts research on childhood and adolescent injury and health in Illinois and Chicago. CHDL is working to help build an improved public health surveillance system for youth, and uses the current system to raise awareness about youth health needs. CHDL provides oversight for the evaluation of IPRC injury prevention projects.

Illinois Violent Death Reporting System

The purpose of the Illinois Violent Death Reporting System (IVDRS)  is to develop a state-wide data repository related to violent deaths. With these data, policy makers and researchers will be able to analyze the causes and correlates of violent deaths in order to develop effective prevention policies and programs for the State of Illinois.

Injury Free Coalition for Kids

The Injury Free Coalition for Kids is comprised of hospital-based, community-oriented programs, whose efforts are anchored in research, education, and advocacy. Lurie Children’s has been a member of this 40 site coalition for nearly 20 years.

Institute for Sports Medicine

The Institute for Sports Medicine is working to prevent injuries to young athletes through professional education, athletic training and community partnerships.

Kohl’s Cares: Play It Safe with Kohl’s

Play It Safe with Kohl's Cares includes the Safe at Home, Stop the Falls, and Safe at Play programs. Safe at Home is designed to reduce in-home injuries to young children by incorporating safety education and the distribution of home safety products to families. Stop the Falls works to prevent window falls through parent education and by making window fall prevention products more available and affordable. The goal of the Safe at Play program is to build and improve playgrounds to create a safer play environment for kids.

Protective Services Team

The Protective Services Team, part of Child Abuse Pediatrics, is comprised of medical and social work professionals specializing in clinical practice, research and education on child maltreatment issues. The team also sponsors an annual symposium on child maltreatment issues.

Safe Kids Chicago

Safe Kids​ is a global network of over 450 coalitions whose mission is to prevent unintentional childhood injury. Safe Kids Chicago, led by Lurie Children’s, is a member of this global network and works at a local level with community partners to decrease injuries.

Strengthening Chicago’s Youth

Strengthening Chicago’s Youth’s  (SCY)  mission is to build capacity among hundreds of public and private stakeholders to connect, collaborate and mobilize around a public health approach to violence prevention—adopting consistent messaging about the preventability of violence, promoting use of evidence-based violence prevention strategies and fostering multi-sector collaboration—to encourage partnerships that strengthen existing efforts and benefit the children of Chicago.

​Getting Involved with the IPRC

The IPRC is pleased to offer a variety of community based trainings and workshops.   

We also seek community partners to join our Safe Kids Chicago Coalition.  

For parents seeking information and safety tips, find out more.

For information on collaborating with the IPRC, contact Amy Hill at 312.227.6692 or​.​

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​Keeping Kids Safe & Injury Free

Thanks to support from Kohl's, Lurie Children's offers a wide variety of child safety and injury prevention programs. Read more.