Home Safety

About 2.5 million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year. Many of these incidents can be prevented by using simple child safety devices on the market today. It is important to follow installation instructions carefully. No device is completely childproof, but correct usage can drastically reduce the risk of injury to your child.

Learn more about preventing window falls​.

Review our infographic for some common home safety dangers:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends:

  • Safety latches and locks on cabinets and drawers can help prevent children from gaining access to medicines and household cleaners, as well as knives and other sharp objects.
  • Safety gates can keep children away from stairs or rooms with hazards in them.
  • Door knob covers and door locks can help keep children away from places with hazards, including swimming pools.
  • Anti-scald devices for regulating water temperature can help prevent burns. Set home water heater temperature no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent burns from hot water.
  • Smoke detectors are essential safety devices for protection against fire deaths and injuries.
  • Window guards and safety netting for balconies and decks can help prevent serious falls.
  • Corner and edge bumpers can be used with furniture and fireplace hearths to help prevent injuries or to soften falls against sharp or rough edges.
  • A carbon monoxide (CO) detector can help prevent CO poisoning. CO detectors should be installed near sleeping areas in the home.
  • Window blind cord safety tassels on miniblinds, and tension devices on vertical blinds and drapery cords, can help prevent deaths and injuries from strangulation in the loops of cords.
  • Door stops and door holders on doors and door hinges can help prevent small fingers and hands from being pinched or crushed.
  • Cordless or cell phones help you watch your child continuously without leaving the vicinity to answer the phone.
  • Test your home for lead if it was built before 1978. It takes a very small amount of lead to poison a child, so home testing is critical, especially if you live in Chicago, which is a high-risk area. Learn more about lead poisoning prevention.

Prevent Window Falls

Each year, thousands of children are seriously injured or killed by falling out of windows. Lurie Children's and Kohl's have joined together to help stop the falls in Chicago.

See our advice for making sure your windows are safe  and preventing falls.

About the Home Safety Initiative

We’ve developed the Kohl's Home Safety initiative as part of the Play it Safe with Kohl's Program to prevent in-home injuries to children under age 4. We distribute a home safety bag to community members containing numerous home safety devices and handouts such as small parts testers, cabinet latches, bath water thermometers and poison prevention information. Each bag also has a home safety checklist and information about positive parenting.

Home Safety Checklist

Download our home safety checklist​ to drastically reduce the risks in your home.

 About Play it Safe with Kohl's

Kohl’s Department Store helped create the Play it Safe with Kohl's program at Lurie Children’s, which focuses on injury prevention in neighborhoods throughout Chicago. The initiatives include playground safety, home safety and school sports safety tips. Kohl’s also helps fund research programs to track injury trends, youth development and poison prevention.

For more information about our programs and research, please contact Amy Hill at 312.227.6692 or alhill@luriechildrens.org