General Primary Care Resources

These Pediatric Practice Research Group resources are for primary care physicians.

Child Health & Safety Survey for Preventive Care

This survey is focused on addressing preventive care in a primary care setting. It was designed for parents to complete, answering questions pertaining to nutrition, child activity, household environment, development, safety, and lead exposure. Offered in both English and Spanish.

Family Social History Form

This form allows providers to gain a better understanding of the patient’s background and home setting. The Family Social History form is currently used at . Lurie Children’s Wellness & Weight Management Program and designed for parents to complete.

Diet & Nutrition Survey

This survey is a bilingual survey that assesses the general well being of the child. It includes questions on the child’s eating habits, physical activity, emotions, and readiness to change. The Diet & Nutrition Survey was designed for parents to complete.

Increasing Your Child's Development

These are parent educational handouts for increasing your child's development; learning how to read to your child and activities for your child.