Patient Care Resources

Our Care Resources​ help both Lurie Children’s physicians and referring physicians to provide their patients with the best care possible.

PPRG Resources

The Pediatric Practice Research Group is dedicated to understanding and promoting optimal child health and function through practice-based research in the primary care setting.

  • General Primary Care Resources - These resources include health screening tools designed for parents to complete at primary care visits and educational materials on child development at various stages of life.
  • Lead Resources - Resources are available for reporting lead exposure and educational materials. These include reporting forms to the City of Chicago and Cook County, educational materials for parents, the Chicago Lead Knowledge Test and helpful tips on reducing exposures to lead in soil.
  • Obesity Resources - Tools and resources for the treatment and management of overweight and obese patients. These include information on strategies for practice change, clinical management and patient management tools.
  • Tobacco Resources - Resources include a reference manual for primary care related to tobacco assessment and counseling, a fax referral system to the Illinois Tobacco Quit line and a family survey for clinician use.

Other Patient Care Resources

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Chronic Illness Transition Program

Structured programs can prepare youth for their future in school and work, social and community integration an​​d adult healthcare. Chronic illness transitioning is the planned and purposeful movement of adolescents and young adults from child-centered to adult-centered care. Learn more about our Chronic Illness Transition Program.