ADHD Software for Treating the Patient

Medication is effective in reducing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms but community management is suboptimal. Computer-assisted decision-making can improve quality of care and lead to a reduction in symptoms. Structured titration procedures can improve outcomes, but centralized procedures to identify optimal levels may be difficult to implement. This software program is designed to be used in conjunction with the clinically significant titration plan described in this summary (pdf) . It provides a convenient way that the physician can use the results of rating scales to assess whether there has been a clinically significant change and whether further titration of the dose is indicated.

Download Software

To download the software, click on this link ADHD Software​ and follow the prompts. An icon to launch the software will be placed on your desktop.

Software Manual

Be sure to review the software manual (pdf)​ for complete details on using the Focus on ADHD software.