Clinically Integrated Network

Lurie Children’s Health Partners (LCHP) Clinically Integrated Network, LLC, is Chicago’s first healthcare network exclusively focused on improving the health and well-being of children and their families. The clinically integrated network is governed by pediatric practitioners committed to improving pediatric health quality outcomes, coordination of care and resource usage. 

The corporate members of LCHP are the Children’s Community Physicians Association (CCPA); Children’s Faculty Practice Plan (FPP); and Lurie Children’s.

LCHP assumes a long-term population health view by focusing on clinical priority areas. For each area, data-driven best practice care protocols and guidelines are established and monitored to drive improvement across the network. The areas of focus include care coordination and communication, obesity, asthma, immunizations, and child development and behavior.

LCHP CIN plans to be in the position to deliver services under payer contracts as of 2015. The network will align with appropriate physician and hospital affiliates and adult-oriented networks to assure access to its services across the metropolitan area.